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Welcome to our boutique of handcrafted handbags, where each piece is meticulously designed and crafted with love. Our collection features unique, eco-friendly handbags made from the finest materials, ensuring both style and sustainability. Every handbag tells a story of creativity and craftsmanship, offering you not just an accessory, but a timeless piece of art. Explore our selection and find the perfect bag that complements your individuality. Shop now and carry elegance with you, wherever you go.

Amapola by Nuria Serrano

Amapola by Nuria Serrano

The Amapola collection is an homage to my Spanish roots and my... 


About my brand

My name is Nuria. As a child I watched my Cuban grandmother sew well into the night and create the most beautiful wedding dresses and intricate designs. She provided for herself and her four children through her sewing. I always dreamed of being able to create beautiful pieces like she did.

Starting in 2020 I learned to sew and have since then had the honor and blessing of inheriting her creativity and talent when I sit at the sewing machine. Each bag is made with love and attention to every detail the same way she would have done. I have dedicated Nuria Serrano Designs to both my grandmother and my father. My two angels watching proudly from heaven.

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